Antifreeze protection measures for water pump in cold winter

Antifreeze protection measures for water pump in cold winter

In order to ensure the safety and normal operation of the equipment, anti-freezing measures are formulated as follows:

1. Add heat preservation material to the water pump to prevent the water pump from freezing.

2. Empty the temporarily unused pump body. Add water when use pump in order to prevent the water pump from freezing and cracking.

3. In the basement pump room with HVAC and no HVAC, the door and window must be closed.  In the unfinished basement pump room, the wind tunnel must be blocked.

4. Since all the equipment of our company leaves factory with hydraulic test, there is water in the pump body and pipeline valve. If the equipment is not installed, please be sure to take drainage measures to prevent pump freezing and cracking.

5. If the water pump is frozen, do not start the water pump. Use hot water or pour it into the water pump to dissolve ice or heat the outer shell of the water pump.

6. Place the pump in a normal temperature environment to dissolve ice naturally.

Water pump freezing and cracking is caused by natural factors. It does not belong to maintenance scope of free charge. Please take the corresponding measures mentioned above to protect water pump and further avoid damage. Thank you for your cooperation!

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