Sulfuric acid transfer pump
Sulfuric acid transfer pump
Concentrated /thick Sulfuric acid pump  
Concentrated sulfuric acid pumps on the market are mainly fluorine plastic pump (F46) and cast iron pump, cast iron pump has the advantage of cheaper cost. Cast iron pump is suitable for conveying high concentration of concentrated sulfuric acid.  But for the dilute sulfuric acid (sulfuric acid concentration is decreased), cast iron pump is not resistant to dilute sulfuric acid and then corrosion will appear and further damage the pump.  The advantage of fluorine plastic pump is suitable for conveying arbitrary /any concentration of sulfuric acid. Fluoroplastic pump has a wider range of application.  Only the cost of fluoroplastic pump is higher than cast iron pump.  
Dilute sulfuric acid pump  
At present, the main engineering plastic horizontal pump and steel lining plastic horizontal pump are widely used for conveying dilute sulfuric acid in China.  Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is used to make the flow parts of engineering plastic pump and steel plastic lining pump, which has excellent corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance.  Dilute sulfuric acid pump is usually horizontal, single stage, single suction, bracket type centrifugal pump. Sulfuric acid pump is suitable for conveying the sulfuric acid with temperature of -20 to 100 degree Celsius.  The seal of the engineering plastic pump adopts mechanical seal, dynamic seal and packing seal and other sealing forms, which can not only transport dilute sulfuric acid and clear liquid, but also transport slurry containing solid particles and wastewater containing various impurities.  

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