Feed water pumps

Vertical Multistage Feed water pumps

CDL/CDLF vertical stainless steel light type multistage centrifugal pump can transport various media from tap water to industrial liquid, and it is suitable for different temperature, flow and pressure ranges, as well as slightly corrosive liquids. CDL is applicable to non-corrosive liquids and CDLF is applicable to slightly corrosive liquids. CDL pump is with cast iron pedestal (inlet and outlet base) and CDLF pump is with stainless steel pedestal (inlet and outlet body).

Water supply: filtration and transmission of water plant, water delivery by zones, main pipe pressurization, and high-rise building pressurization. Industrial pressurization: process system, cleaning system, high-pressure flushing system, fire protection system. Industrial liquid transportation: cooling air conditioning system, boiler water supply and condensation system, lathe matching, acid and alkali. Water treatment: ultrafiltration system, reverse osmosis system, distillation system, separator, swimming etc.

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