Pumps Manufacture and rising sales in 1-6 month, 2011 year

Since January, 2011, Our Company strictly has controlled product quality in the production process of water pumps. Our pumps are widely exported to Egypt, Qatar, Dubai, UAE, Syria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Switzerland, France etc for their reliable quality and reasonable prices. Although economic market sluggishness at present remains the same, our export sales has still raised at the rate of 10% in the first half year 2011. (1-6 month, 2011 year)

At present our regular clients oversea for centrifugal pump, magnetic pump, self priming pump, sewage pump, gear pump and multistage pump, diaphragm pump are planning the next orders to our company. And our pumps sales will have even bigger rising rate in the latter half of the year 2011 than the first half year.

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