WFB Series Vertical self priming centrifugal pump

WFB Series no-seal-self-control-self priming pump adopts an interlink type multiple faced centrifugal sealing mechanism. There is no abrasion of sealing devices to avoid the problems of running, emitting, dropping, leaking etc. So the pump life is several times longer than that of similar products.

The pump is featured with resistance to heat and resistance to pressure and resistance to abrasion and forever self-suction upon once flow induction etc. It has reliable self-suction performance especially because of using electric air control valve. It is featured with reliable operation and convenient disassembling and easy installation etc.

The Pump is made of many kinds of materials such stainless steel (BXG) and reinforced polypropylene(PP) and cast steel(G) and cast iron (T) etc. It can be used in different fields. At the same time, our company can design many styles as per user’s demands such as including rectangle type (1) and cone type (2) and explosion-proof type (3) and outdoor type (4) and mobile trolley type (5) and offering different forms of installation. An explosion-proof and outdoor type is suitable for inflammable and explosive and rain and fog weather and wet places. A mobile trolley type can be moved to any place you require.

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